The Hurley Heritage Society presents its next online public lecture on January 26th at 7pm.  Titled The Old Eagle-Nester: Lost Legends, Origin Stories, and Historical Evidence, the lecture poses the question of "How did a mixed-race basket peddler from Eagle’s Nest in Hurley end up in a Greene County lumber camp in Doris West Brooks’ collection of stories, "The Old Eagle-Nester: The Lost Legends of the Catskills”?  “The old woman of the swamp” is a composite of several marginalized Hudson Valley communities. This lecture will provide some historical context for these tales of witchcraft, ghosts, fortune-telling, and that strangely addictive tea.

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The lecture will be presented by Lorna Smedman, a resident of Hurley and graduate of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa Institute, and PhD in American Literature from the CUNY Graduate School.

The Hurley Heritage Society maintains and operates the Hurley Museum, protects and preserves materials, documents and artifacts pertaining to the Hurley area, and raises awareness and educates the public of the town's special heritage through events, lectures, programs, tours, and community initiatives.