Winslow Homer (1836 -1910)
Spring Farm Work: Grafting
Harper’s Weekly, Vol.XIV, April 30, 1870
Wood engraving on paper

A young man confidently perches in a mature apple tree to  graft on new scions.  It is said that every house in Hurley grew apples for home use.  In the background there is a Dutch-style four-sided hay barrack with an adjustable roof suspended on poles to keep the hay dry.  This highlights the Dutch heritage for which Hurley is famous.

Early Spring

A Baldwin apple tree in early spring (left) and in full bloom (right) on Hurley Heights, North Road, an area some locals call “Orchard Hill.”  This area was historically a commercial apple orchard, and this tree is well over 70 years old.  Note how similar the growth habit is to Homer's engraving Spring Farm Work: Grafting.  (Photo: Bruce Whistance 2019)

Baldwins in Bloom

Baldwins are a crisp, sweet, bright red apple prized for making hard cider and pie.  It was once the most popular apple in New York.  It did not bruise easily, so it kept well and could be transported long distances.  It has since been overtaken by newer varieties such as Red Delicious.  (Photo: Dale Bohan 2019)