Winslow Homer (1836-1910)
Evening, 1870
oil on canvas, 12 x 18 in
Portland Museum of Art, Portland, Maine

This painting presents a view like that from the farm road at the Ten Eyck-DeWitt Bouwerie (former Henry Paul farm, now Row-by-Row Farm).  Hurley Mountain is at right.  It was painted in 1870 which is earlier than Homer's first documented trip to Hurley, but the lay of the land is unmistakable.  (Photo courtesy of Reilly Rhodes.)


ca.1890 View of the Hurley fields looking south from Ten Eyck-DeWitt Bouwerie (former Henry Paul farm now Row-by-Row Farm).  This is a remarkably close match to the point of view of the painting Evening.

(From the album of Maguerite Veeder Yates Parker, a descendant of the Hurley DeWitt family, courtesy of her grandaughter Ellen Messick. Photographer: William Cressy Vrooman.of Schenectady, NY.)


Looking south from near Wynkoop Road, a view of Englishman’s Creek in the foreground, Farm Hub fields and complex in middle distance, and Shawangunk Ridge on the horizon.  It was not possible to get a photograph from the same vantage point as the painting Evening due to heavy vegetation growth.  This point of view is further south from the Ten Eyck-DeWitt Bouwerie.  Still, the slope of Hurley Mountain, the expanse of fields, and the distant ridge are all easily recognizable in both photograph and painting.  (Photo: Bruce Whistance 2019)