Winslow Homer  (1836 -1910)
The Nooning, 1872
Oil on canvas
Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford
Original: 13.3 x 19.6 in.

A boy relaxes at midday in summer lying in his front yard.   The painting has an immediacy and nostalgia that is common in Homer's depiction of children.  Homer painted out the dog that appears in the engraving version of The Nooning but is still faintly visible to the right of the boy.  The profile of Hurley Mountain is suggested by the horizon at center top of picture, but it is not known what house might be depicted here.

Winslow Homer  (1836 -1910)
The Nooning
Harper’s Weekly, Vol. XVII, August 16, 1873,  wood engraving
Original: 9.1  x 13.8 in.

This engraving is made after the painting of the same name but adds two friends and a large dog to keep the boy company during his midday break under the apple tree.  A line of laundry completes the homey atmosphere.