2023 Virtual Exhibition:
Eagle's Nest: Exploring the Myths and Reality

This exhibit takes a fresh look at the history, lore, and legends surrounding Eagle's Nest, the racially mixed community on the hillside above the Village of Hurley. This exhibit draws on the Eagle's Nest-Lapala Project, with an emphasis on doing community research using primary sources, including legal records (deeds), genealogy records (census), maps, oral histories, as well as published secondary sources.  Visitors will be invited to separate myth from fact as we explore the questions: Where is Eagle’s Nest?  Who has lived there?  And why is this hillside community so unique?  Our understanding of the past is constantly updated and re-examined by each generation of historians.  The exhibit engages the viewer in an ongoing community research project and invites visitors to add their comments and observations.

Sampson Snyder; from Jim Decker, Elmendorf Family