When Archaeology and Development Collide

Hurley Heritage Society Hosts Public Presentation On Cultural Resource Management

The Hurley Heritage Society will hosed a public lecture on April 24, 2024 on the topic of Cultural Resource Management (CRM), and New York State’s requirements for archeological assessments at proposed development sites.

This presentation explored the subject of “what happens when archeology and development collide”, as well as discussed what to do when property-owners discover burial remains or possible cultural artifacts on their land.

The presentation was given by Joe Diamond, a Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology at SUNY New Paltz. Joe Diamond also works with state and local governments, developers, and non-profits on a variety of CRM projects to document, assess, and provide insight into archaeological sites that may contain historic and cultural heritage assets. These insights then assist in guiding next steps in a proposed development project. Professor Diamond is also Vice President of the New York Archaeological Council (NYAC)

Cultural Resource Management (CRM) helps guide smart, sustainable economic development and safeguard important historic and cultural heritage assets.  CRM is a process that works to ensure two very important values can coexist in our society: progress, and the protection of important cultural heritage. Practiced widely around the world, CRM is essential in locations with deep and rich cultural heritage.