Autumn Auction 2020 has come to an end and the Hurley Heritage Society would like to thank all those who helped make it such a rousing success during these difficult times.

Thank you to the generous folks who donated wonderful items and their talents, providing us with the merchandise we needed. Thanks also to all those who bid on our items and also made donations. Last, but not least, thank you to all the people who worked to pull this auction together and make it run so smoothly.

The Town of Hurley NY is rich with history. Situated 100 miles north of New York City and 50 miles south of Albany, it was originally the site of an Esopus Indian community, Hurley was settled by the Dutch in 1662, but two years later found itself under English governance along with the rest of the New Netherland colony. The town is composed of the hamlets of Old Hurley, West Hurley and Glenford. Old Hurley's Main Street is part of the National Register of Historic Sites due to its well-preserved stone houses which have served as residences for more than 300 years. Hurley was briefly New York State's capital after the residents of Kingston, the capital at the time, fled when the British burned it during the Revolutionary War.

The Hurley Heritage Society will raise awareness of the special heritage of the Town of Hurley. As a community leader, we will preserve,  protect and disseminate the knowledge about the materials, documents and artifacts pertaining to the Hurley area.

The Hurley Heritage Society is a non-profit, all volunteer organization which operates the Hurley Heritage Society Museum, located in the Hudson Valley area of New York. We are dedicated to preserving for future generations the unique cultural, architectural, environmental, and historic impact of the various groups that have occupied Hurley throughout its 350 year existence. Our funding comes from grants, membership, fund raisers, and individual donations.

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